711. Enzymes are classified according to_________________?
A. Action on substrate
B. Action of coenzymes
C. Nature of the enzymes
D. All of the above

712. Fraction of CPK is an enzyme that is elevated in a myocardial infarct is____________________?
A. MM fraction
B. MB fraction
C. BB fraction
D. Both MM and BB fraction

713. A material that speeds up a chemical reaction without chemically becoming involved is called_____________?
A. A solvent
B. A base
C. A catalyst
D. Thermoplastic

714. Key glycolytic enzymes_____________?
A. Phosphofructokinase
B. Hexokinase
C. Pyruvate kinase
D. Glucose 1,6 diphosphatase

715. Multienzyme complex in human_______________?
A. Fatty acid synthetase
B. Malonyl CoA carboxylase
C. Carbamoyl Phosphate synthetase
D. Adenosine phosphoribosyl transferase

716. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic feature of allosteric enzymes ?
A. They are multienzyme complex
B. Follow Michaelis-Menton Kinetics
C. Presence of Modulator site
D. Give sigmoid shaped curve

717. A example of a preventive antioxidant is_______________?
A. Catalase
B. Tocopherol
C. Superoxide dismutase
D. Urate

718. One of the earliest symptoms of Vit. A deficiency is________________?
A. Nyctalopia
B. Xerophthalmia
C. Bitot’s spot
D. Keratomalacia

719. The enzyme phosphofructo kinase-1 is strongly activated by_______________?
A. Cyclic AMP
B. Adenosine tri phosphate
C. Citrate
D. Fructose 2,6bis phosphate

720. Magnesium is needed for the activity of which enzymes ?
A. Phosphatase
B. Aldolase
C. Dismutase
D. ATPase