981. I was aware ______ the problems parents were facing?
A. of
B. with
C. to
D. from
E. at

982. Synonym of ” Raze ” is _____________?
A. Level
B. Defect
C. Pluck
D. Taunt
E. Fire

983. She likes cars. “Car” is ______?
A. Proper Noun
B. Compound Noun
C. Common Noun
D. Concrete Noun
E. Verbal Noun

984. The club usually empties _____ about two in the morning?
A. off
B. at
C. in
D. out
E. on

985. Danish came out ____ his office, looking tired and worried.
A. with
B. from
C. at
D. of
E. to

986. We are sensible _____ the difficulties he faces?
A. to
B. of
C. with
D. at
E. on

987. Synonym of ” Lambast ” is _____________?
A. Entomb
B. Reprimand
C. Cease
D. Forbear
E. Adore

988. Antonym of ” Perspicacious ” is _____________?
A. Sagacious
B. Discerning
C. Astute
D. Dull
E. Canny

989. Synonym of ” Boulevard ” is _____________?
A. Vortex
B. Turbulence
C. Avenue
D. Whirlpool
E. Turmoil

990. Memon, _________ of former information minister Nisar Memon, had entered politics in 2003?
A. the daughter
B. a daughter
C. daughter
D. none