Fill in the Blanks

2311. What a ______ you were not hurt in the accident ?

A. Prayers*
B. Praise
C. blessing
D. consecration

2312. His argument is quite _________.

A. sickly
B. unconvincing *
C. fragile
D. infirm

2313. So you are not well avoid____________ exercise.

A. strong
B. lusty *
C. vigorous
D. powerful

2314. we were caught in the storm and got ________.

A. soaked *
B. drenched
C. damped
D. moistened.

2315. Govt must hold a _______ inquiry.

A. Intelligent
B. Judicial *
C. sensible
D. discreetly

2316. The ______ of the headlights of the car almost blinded me.

A. Shine
B. Glare
C. Dazzle *
D. Luminosity

2317. The chair is in the garden ; please______it.

A. bring
B. fetch *
C. carry
D. Trasnport

2318. Urge people who smoke to ______ the habit.

A. Surrender
B. Abandon *
C. Discontinue
D. desert.

2319. Nappoleon’s army was completely ___in teh battle of waterloo.

A. Annihilated *
B. Destroyed
C. Repeated
D. Finished

2320. We have ___ trust in you.

A. Perfect
B. Entire
C. Imperative
D. Absolute *