841. Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL is _____________?
A. Sick
B. Healthy
C. Chemicals
D. Selective

842. The book is______the mug and pen.
A. In
B. Among
C. Between
D. Of

843. A good judge never jumps _________the conclusion.
A. In
B. To
C. on
D. At

844. The Students protested _____ the ill-treatment of their leader.
A. over
B. to
C. against
D. for

845. A Game which no one wins called_________?
A. Tie
B. Draw
C. loss
D. toss

846. If________the match,I will go to “KPK (Peshawar) to meet the sports board chairperson.
A. I will win
B. I win
C. I wins
D. I shall win

847. The Government ruled by Women is called?
A. Petticoat government
B. Corporatocracy
C. Patriarchy
D. None of these

848. the killing of one’s mother called________?
A. matricide
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide

849. killing of a large group of people called_________?
A. filicide
B. fratricide
C. genocide
D. homicide

850. A community of people smaller than a village
A. hamlet
B. aviary
C. apiary
D. none of these