321. On leaving the shopping plaza, Kate was robbed ________ purse.
(A) by her
(B) by hers
(C) of her
(D) of hers

322. If I had money, I ________ it now.
(A) will purchase
(B) would purchase
(C) would have purchased
(D) have purchased

323. The man ________ you met is an anchorperson.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which

324. The woman ________ is standing by the table works in electronic media.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom
(D) which

325. He is looking for accommodation ________ in flat or shared house.

(A) both
(B) until
(C) neither
(D) either

 326. You can go neither by train ________ by bus.
(A) no
(B) nor
(C) or
(D) and

327. Before designing a public park, the architect must ________ the public.
(A) consider
(B) considers
(C) recognize
(D) recognizes

328. When she was younger, she ________ five kilometres a day.
(A) walked
(B) had walked
(C) has been walking
(D) had been walking


329. The house is large ________ is quite old-fashioned.
(A) and
(B) or
(C) which
(D) but


330. We need to find ________ method to solve this problem.
(A) other
(B) the other
(C) another
(D) others