81. Synonym of Fanatical is__________?

B. Moderate
C. Open-minded
D. Rare

82. Synonym of Lurch is________?

B. Tiptoe
C. Steady
D. None of the above

83. Synonym of Warmonger is_________?

B. Pacifist
C. Honest
D. Optimist

84. Synonym of Enfeeble is_________?

B. Strengthen
C. Powerful
D. Acceptable

85. Synonym of Prudence is____________?

A. Judgement
B. Folly
C. Recklessness
D. Incapable

86. Synonym of Murky is___________?

A. Dark
B. Gloomy
C. Bright
D. Both A and B

87. Synonym of Ominous is__________?

A. Menacing
B. Promising
C. Auspicious
D. Propitious

88. Synonym of Obscure is __________?

A. Confusing
B. Reveal
C. Clear
D. Bright

89. Synonym of Gauche is ________?

A. Awkward
B. Elegant
C. Sophisticated
D. Decent

90. Synonym of Defamation is __________?

A. Libel
B. Slander
C both A and B
D. Commendation

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