2871. His best jokes fell flat.

A. Were not paid attention to
B. Had no effect *
C. Became completely unnerved
D. Faced total failure

2872. The detective left no stone unturned to trace the culprit.

A. Did very irrelavant things
B. Used all avaialbe means *
C. Took no pains
D. Resorted to illegitimate practices

2873. Having sold off his factory, He is now a gentleman at large.

A. Held in high esteem
B. Respected by every body *
C. Has no serious occupation
D. living comfortably

2874. They sold their house because it was a real white elephant.

A. An expensive one
B. A big one
C. A useless one *
D. A rare find

2875. After alot of arguments over losses in the partnership firm, Azam put his cards on the table to show Rasheed his sincerity.

A. Withdrew his parnership
B. Reserved his right
C. Concealed nothing *
D. Sought pardon

2876. It will be wise on your part to let bygones be bygones.

A. Resist the past
B. Ingnore the past *
C. Recollect the past
D. Revive the past

2877. He always says that he will help, But when it comes to the crunch ,he does nothing.

A. Decisive moment *
B. Confused situation
C. Difficult time
D. Trouble some moment

2878. The boy had hair-breat escape from a street accident.

A. Lucky
B. Easy
C. Narrow *
D. Quick

2879. Despite being under debt, he still keeps a good table.

A. Keeps up an outward show of prosperity.
B. Entertains his guests sumptuously *
C. Helps his friends with money
D. Is lively and gay when his friends call.

2880. When he tells stories about himself, he is inclined to draw the long bone.

A. Get excited
B. Exaggerate *
C. Get emotional
D. Understat