2721. To show the white feather

A. To show signs of cowardice *
B. To seek peace
C. To show arrogance
D. To become polite

2722. To leave no avenue unexplored

A. To call in question
B. To roam about
C. To try every source
D. To depend on

2723. Spick and span

A. Neat and clean *
B. Outspoken
C. Already made thing
D. Garrulous

2724. To take the wind out of another’s sails

A. To manouevre to mislead another on the high seas
B. To cause harm to another
C. To defeat the motives of another
D. To anticipate another and to gain advantage over him *

2725. To carry the coal to newcastle

A. To work hard
B. To finish a job
C. To do unnecessary things *
D. To do menial jobs

2726. To turn the cover

A. To take a new way of life
B. To work hard
C. To pass the crises *
D. To hide the reality

2727. In double-quick time

A. Steadily
B. Very quickly *
C. Gradually
D. Much time

2728. The pros and cons

A. For and against a thing *
B. Foul and fair
C. Good and evil
D. Former and latter

2729. A sop to Cerberus

A. Bribery
B. hush money
C. Ransom to an enemy *
D. Money for compensation 

2730 . To give one a long rope

A. To speak ill of
B. To get into trouble
C. To dismiss
D. To allow a man to continue his mistakes or crimes *