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Verbal/English MCQS and Quiz Test for Preparation

1Fill in the blanks McqsFill in the blanks Quiz
2Related Pair of Words McqsRelated Pair of Words Quiz
3Synonyms McqsSynonyms Quiz
4Antonyms McqsAntonyms Quiz
5One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
6One Word Substitutes McqsOne Word Substitutes Quiz
7Active and Passive Voice McqsActive and Passive Voice Quiz
8Prepositions McqsPrepositions Quiz
9Analytical Reasoning McqsAnalytical Reasoning Quiz
10Read the Passage McqsRead the Passage Quiz

21. Synonym of EVADE is_______?

B. Avoid
C. dodge
D. All of these

22. Synonym of VAGUE is_________?

A. Fuzzy
B. Clear
C. ill-timid
D. Evade

23. Meaning of words and how to use them is called?

A. Syntax
B. Semantics
C. Pragmatics

24. They greet me cheerfully every morning.

A. Every morning I was greeted cheerfully.
B. I am greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
C. I am being greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
D. Cheerful greeting is done by them every morning to me.

25. The list of words in a language is referred to as its___________?

A. Vocabulary
B. Structure
C. lexicon
D. Vocal cords

26. The synonym of “Emancipate” is_________?

A. Emanate
B. Incorporate
C. Defame
D. Release

27. Who is creating this mess

A. Who has been created this mess?
B. By whom has this mess been created?
C. By whom this mess is being created?
D. By whom is this mess being created

28. I remember my sister taking me to the museum.

A. I remember I was taken to the museum by my sister.
B. I remember being taken to the museum by my sister.
C. I remember myself being taken to the museum by my sister.
D. I remember taken to the museum by my sister.

29. Synonym of DEFLECT is _____________?

A. Frustrate
B. Divert
C. Revert
D. Depress

30. The synonym of “Gregarious” is__________?

A. Sociable
B. Reserved
C. Shaky
D. Egregious


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