1451. Relinquish

A. Give Up
B. Struggle for
C. Aggravate *
D. To give away

1452. Remorse

A. Arrogance
B. Compunction *
C. Feel proud of
D. Dejection

1453. Ranascent

A. Connected with the past
B. Showing renewed vigor *
C. Obedient
D. Having a broad education

1454. Repentance

A. Regret *
B. Abuse
C. Loathe
D. Pleasure

1455. Replete

A. Reduce
B. Full of *
C. Deplete
D. Related

1456. Repository

A. Storage place *
B. Vacant Place
C. Alliance
D. Imposing

1457. Rescinded

A. Renegotiated
B. Withdrew *
C. Reinstated
D. Rethought

1458. Retrospect

A. Special kind of telescope
B. Microscope
C. Prism
D. Review of the Past *

1459. Revitalize

A. Reconstruct
B. Review
C. Make up last ground
D. Regenerate *

1460. Roster

A. Speaker’s platform
B. Rash
C. Cock
D. List *