2621. To keep one’s head.

A. To be agile and active
B. To keep calm *
C. To think coherently
D. None of these

2622. To cross swords.

A. To fight *
B. to defend
C. To kill
D. To rob

2623. A snake in the grass

A. Secret or hidden enemy
B. Unforeseen happening
C. Unrecognisable danger *
D. Irreliable person

2624. To give up the ghost.

A. To suffer
B. To fight evil
C. To die *
D. To become rational

2625. Hobson’s choice

A. Feeling of insecurity
B. Accept or leave the offer *
C. Feeling of strength
D. Excellent choice

2626. To be at loggerheads.

A. To have tough encounter
B. To be enmity or strife *
C. To face stiff opposition
D. To tax one’s mind and body

2627. To talk through one’s hat

A. To speak fluently
B. To talk nonsense *
C. To talk wisdom
D. To speak at random.

2628. To snap one’s finger

A. To speak abruptly
B. To accept immediately
C. To grasp eagerly
D. To become contemptuous of *

2629. A pipe dream

A. A pleasant dream
B. A bad dream
C. An impracticable plan
D. A foolish idea

2630. To give up the ghost

A. To die *
B. To make false appearance
C. To leave useless pursuits
D. A pleasant dream