861. Salutation : Farewell ::
A. Birth: Death
B. Army: Navy
C. Noon: Midnight
D. Lunch: Dinner

862. Synonym of Abrupt is _____________?
A. Sudden
B. Noisy
C. Calm
D All of these

863. Choose the correct spelling for the missing word: My ____________ needs to be paid every month.
A. Morgage
B. Morguage
C. Mortgage
D. Morgauge

864. He is very poor. What is “Very” in this sentence?
A. Adjective
B. Noun
C. Adverb
D. None

865. A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc. is called as __________?
A. Cellar
B. Sty
C. Pen
D. Lair

866. One-Trick Pony means:
A. A person having one special feature, talent, or area of expertise
B. Doing work dishonesty
C. Unlawful paropaganda
D. Clever planning for enemy

867. Nobody ________ that old man had fallen.
A. noted
B. knew
C. noticed
D. none of these

868. Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is_______also.
A. Played
B. Played by he
C. Played by him
D. None of these

869. I am tired_______waiting.
A. Of
B. By
C. With
D. From

870. I always praise him for his merits, but he always turns_________you pointing out your demerits
A. at
B. to
C. on
D. for