2901. For an average man, it is very hard to earn bread and butter in many countries, choose the correct meaning of the underlined idiom.

a. Livelihood *
b. Meals
c. To earn their names
d. Bread along with butter

2902 The hunter‘s fatal accident ____ in the newspaper yesterday.

a. here yesterday was used so past sentence then answer was reported)
b. will be reported
c. is reported
d. was reporting

2903. Choose opposite word in meaning to “MARGINAL”

a. Significant *
b. Peripheral
c. Negligible
d. Unforeseen

2904 The cashier says to them, “Have you counted money”. (Choose the correct indirect speech 😉

a.  The cashier told them that they have counted the money
b.   The cashier says to them if they have counted the money.
c.   The cashier says to them if they had counted the money
d.  The cashier asks them if they have counted the money.

2905. Every now and then implies:

a. Often
b. Always
c. Occasionally
d. Everywhere

2906. When Ahmad reached home last night, his family____ their dinner.

a. Would have eaten
b. Had eaten *
c. Ate
d. Have eaten

2907. To make a clean breast of something means:

a. To do the cleaning
b. To carefully avoid a trouble
c. To clearly admit something *
d. Both ( A) or (B)

2908. I have seen the teacher outside the class this morning[choose the correct voice:

a. The teacher has seen me outside the class this morning
b. The teacher have been seen outside the class this morning
c. The teacher were seen outside the class this morning
d. The teacher has been seen by me outside the class this morning. *

2909. Most of the students are keen ___ their students

a. In
b. On
c. Of *
d. All of these

2910. Saqib was arrested and charged__murder

a. Into
b. On
c. With *
d. Near

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