741. Well, this is very interesting but I am very___________.
A. Busy
B. Occupied
C. Hurried
D. Active

742. I’ve already told you I’m in the____________?
A. Place
B. Area
C. Spot
D. Location

743. Tell me, where are you at the____________?
A. Time
B. Second
C. Hour
D. Moment

744. Well, I did__________a lot of money on it.
A. Dispense
B. Pass
C. Spend
D. Dispose

745. You_________very clear.
A. Sound
B. Ring
C. Hear
D. Noise

746. Not really. I’m quite____________?
A. Nearer
B. Near
C. Next
D. Nearly

747. Oh yes. Are you_________Away?
A. Distant
B. Long
C. Far
D. Quite

748. I am just____________out my new mobile.
A. Trying
B. Probing
C. Testing
D. Finding

749. Drugs addicts in Pakistan are_________ in special centers set up by the Government.
A. Consolidated
B. Consulted
C. Inhabited
D. Indoctrinated

750. Synonym of Hermetic is _____________?
A. Airtight
B. Imitate
C. Unsettled
D. Open