2801. I did mind what he was saying, he was only talking through his hat.

A. Talking insultingly
B. Talking irresponsibly
C. Talking ingorantly
D. Talking nonsense *

2802. I sent him about the business, as i could stand his insolence no longer.

A. Broke the partnership with him
B. Requested him to bother someone else.
C. Dismissed him peremptorily *
D. Abused him heartily

2803. He is a person after my own heart.

A. An object of mockery
B. An emotional man
C. A happy-go-lucky fellow
D. Exactly to one’s own liking *

2804. If you pass this difficult examination, It is a feather in your cap.

A. You will get a very good job
B. You will feel proud of it. *
C. Your parents will be very happy
D. You will get a scholarship for higher studies.

2805. It is clear that the ideas of both reforms ran in the same groove.

A. Promoted each other
B. Clashed with each other
C. Advanced in harmony *
D. Moved in different directions

2806. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A. Scoundrel
B. Rogue
C. Hypocrite *
D. Crook

2807. He is the habit of chewing the cuds.

A. Accusing others
B. Crying over split milk
C. Forgetting things
D. To muse on *

2808. He felt ill at ease after receiving the letter from his son.

A. Disturbed
B. Relieved
C. Embarrassed *
D. Sick

2809. With regard to licensing policy, It is advisable for every state to cut corners.

A. Become lenient
B. Amend the existing rules
C. Exercise strict control
D. Simplify the procedure *

2810. If you rub him the wrong way, He is bound to react.

A. Annoy him *
B. Abuse him
C. Flatter him
D. Encourage him