Solved Examples with Explanations 

3211. Deter

A. Praise
B. Urge
C. Escalate *
D. Complicate

3212. Unscathed

A. Honest
B. Assembled
C. Injured *
D. Cleaned

3213. Objurgate

A. Belittle
B. Simulate
C. Compare
D. Reward *

3214. Rowdy

A. Orderly *
B. Absorbent
C. Mellifluous
D. Contentious

3215. Diminution

A. Measurement
B. Proximity
C. Augmentation *
D. Orderlines

3216. Tangle

A. Disengage *
B. Lambast
C. Refute throughly
D. Anwer hypothetically

3217. Gamely

A. Fearfully *
B. Persevring
C. Gawkily
D. Respectfully

3218. Pulchritude

A. Aversion
B. Unsightliness *
C. Inexperience
D. lassitude

3219. Vouchsafe

A. Defer
B. Feign
C. Endanger
D. Prohibit *

3220. Distend

A. Tell the truth
B. Approximate
C. Collect
D. Shrink *