1431. Propensity

A. Hatred
B. Consumption
C. Inclination *
D. Attraction

1432. Proprietary

A. Self-Centered
B. Respectable
C. Aggressive
D. Privately owned *

1433. Prosaic

A. Special place
B. Romantic
C. Efficient
D. Unimaginative *

1434. Providence

A. Ill fate
B. Sacred law of the state
C. Act of Kindness
D. Nature’s way of protecting its creature *

1435. Proximity

A. Interest
B. Similarity
C. Nearness *
D. Usefulness

1436. Provincial

A. Temporary
B. Prepared
C. Old Fashioned *
D. Modern

1437. Prudent

A. Clever
B. Wealthy
C. Careful *
D. Dishonest

1438. Quarry

A. Trend
B. Prey *
C. Decoy
D. Seeking explanation

1439. Queer

A. Familiar
B. Pleasant
C. Strange *
D. Ordinary

1440. Quench

A. To extinguish *
B. To increase
C. Kindly
D. Suppress