381. I must get to the market before it ________.
(A) close
(B) closes
(C) closed
(D) has closed

382. One day people ________ to Moon.
(A) travel
(B) traveled
(C) will travel
(D) will be travelling


383. Olga ________ gym this evening.
(A) will go
(B) will goes
(C) is going
(D) is going to


384. Emma lives in Brighton, ________?
(A) doesn’t she
(B) don’t she
(C) didn’t she
(D) won’t she

385. They will not come here, ________?

(A) won’t they
(B) won’t them
(C) will they
(D) will them

386. The newly installed application sounds very ________.
(A) interest
(B) interested
(C) interestingly
(D) interesting

387. Our team played ________.
(A) bad
(B) badly
(C) good
(D) well done

388. Alice is not at home at the moment. She ________ work.
(A) is at
(B) is on
(C) was at
(D) was on

389. Alice, Anna and I ________ good friends.
(A) am
(B) was
(C) are
(D) been

390. I ________ my mobile phone yesterday.
(A) loss
(B) loose
(C) lose
(D) lost