911. The man _________ you met is an anchorperson.
A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. which

912. “Hold one’s horse” means__________?
A. Keep one’s expectations
B. Keep one’s gift
C. Have patience
D. High on energy

913. “Give cold shoulder” means__________?
A. To support
B. Cold meat
C. To ignore
D. Shiver

914. Synonym of “GAINSAY” is _____________?
A. Suppress
B. Oppose
C. Yielding
D. animation

915. He has been working_________morning.
A. For
B. Since
C. at
D. by

916. Word nearest in meaning to Obscene is____________?-(PMS 2018)
A. Dirty
B. indecent
C. unhealthy
D. Both A & B

917. Antonym of ” Chaste ” is _____________?
A. Shrewd
B. Talkative
C. Aspirant
D. Promiscuous
E. Celibate

918. Synonym of ” Persecuter ” is _____________?
A. Oppressor
B. Hasty
C. Patient
D. Tycoon
E. Jubilant

919. Synonym of ” Moratorium ” is _____________?
A. Austerity
B. Embargo
C. Lienancy
D. Sereness
E. Celibacy

920. Synonym of ” Tyrant ” is _____________?
A. Suspicious
B. Persecutor
C. Victim
D. Sagacious
E. Chatter box