171. Synonym of Dearth is _____________?

A. Necessity
B. Luck
C. Lack
D. Abundance

172. Synonym of Facile is _____________?

A. Cheerful
B. Clean
C. Easy
D. Humorous

173. Synonym of fervor is__________?

A. Excitement
B. Class
C. Realization
D. Swiftness

174. Synonym of Doleful is__________?

A. Sad
B. Happy
C. Famous
D. Enemy

175. Synonym of Apposite is__________?

A. Whole
B. Revealing
C. Cooked
D. Appropriate

176. He belongs________ a noble family.

A. with
B. to
C. among
D. in

177. Synonym of INFRINGE is__________?

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound

178. Antonym of PATHOLOGICAL is___________?

A. Healthy
B. diseased
C. morbid
D. None of these

179. Synonymous of ‘Flank’ is ____________?

A. Slide of a person right or left
B. In an open, honest, and direct manner
C. Hidden
D. Far away

180. Synonym of ‘Rowdy’ is_________?

A. Restrained
B. Noisy and disorderly
C. Crowd
D. Push out

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