3071. The family _______ finished watching the match when the doorbell rang :

A. Had *
B. Was
C. Went
D. Had been

3072. We cannot go outside as it ______raining since morning :

A. Have been
B. Has been *
C. Had
D. Was

3073. The wicked person who stole my car ______.

A. Meet me last time
B. Met me at the railway station *
C. Met my last time
D. Meet me last night

3074. My younger sister is five years old whereas __________.

A. I am already ten *
B. You are only ten
C. None of these
D. I am only six

3075. On that fine morning Ahmed _________ with his father :

A. Trotted along *
B. Bear away
C. Memories
D. Clutched

3076._____ and ________ abdul sattar Edhi will have many to mourn his generous heart when he leaves us :

A. Selfless. Altruistic *
B. Thoughtful, rarefied
C. Beloved, dogmatic
D. Kind, Ruthless

3077. He did not ______ to my warning about the earthquake and lost his life :

A. Pay back
B. Pay heed *
C. Correct
D. None of these

3078. Last night saleem told me that __________:

A. He would come to see me *
B. You have to come me
C. He was come to me
D. None of these

3079. If he had been able to play , we would have won the match __________.

A. Easily *
B. Easy
C. Very easy
D. Not easily

3080. During battle, we cannot ________ out enemy

A. Surrender before *
B. live for
C. Bow in submission
D. None of these