91. Synonym of “AMNESTY” is________?

A. Assistance
B. Security
C. Judicial
D. Pardon

92. The original inhabitants of a Country.

A. Aborigines
B. Citizens
C. Natives
D. Primitive

93. Synonym of “INEBRIATE” is___________?

A. Dreamy
B. Stupefied
C. Drunken
D. Unsteady

95. Synonym of Confiscated is________?

A. Seize
B. Return
C. Allow
D. Free

96. Synonym of Reluctant is ________?

A. Willing
B. eager
C. Unwilling
D. Ready

97. Synonym of Cagey is ________?

A. Secretive
B. Frank
C. Open
D. Weak

98. Synonym of Dissent is_________?

A. Agree
B. Accept
C. Disagree
D. Assent

99. Synonym of “Retaliation” is__________?

A. Reconciliation
B. Remission
C. Revenge
D. Con donation

100. The teacher made the naughty boy __________.

A. Tiptoe
B. Tiptoes
C. To Tiptoe
D. None of these

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