51. The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?

A. Wisdom and foresight
B. Watch the weather
C. spotlessly clean
D. Deceive somebody

52.Synonym of Abysmal is__________?

A. Dreadful
B. Awful
C. Atrocious
D. All of them

53. What the term Short Story stands for:

A. A long prose fiction
B. A story of figurative language
C. A story of many characters
D. A short prose fiction

54.Antonym of Euphony?

A. Cacophony
B. pithy
C. Salophony
D. Pitching

55.What do you mean by Novel ___________ ?

A. Short prose
B. A long fictional prose with many characters
C. A short narrative prose
D. A literary work on the stage

56. My first lesson __________ forgiveness came from my mother.

A. Upon
B. About
C. In
D. On

57. Reptile is to Lizard as Flower is to________?

A. Petal
B. Stem
C. Daisy 
D. Alligator

58. I’m ________ sure of it as you are.

A. Quite
B. As 
C. Perfectly
D. Very

59. What is the Synonym of the word “INDUBITABLE”?

A. Certain
B. Undeniable
C. Fraudulent
D. Doubtful

60. Synonym of Unhinge is________?

A. Sane
B. Stable
C. Deranged
D. Balanced

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