2781. He is known as shop-lifter in the city commercial center.

A. Daily visitors
B. Buyer of all new things
C. Smuggler
D. A thief in guise of customer *

2782. The robbery was committed in the wee hours of the day.

A. After midnight
B. At dawn *
C. At noontime
D. In the evening

2783. Harrassed by repeated acts of injustice, he decided to put his foot down.

A. Resign
B. Not to yield *
C. With draw
D. Accept the proposal unconditionally

2784. Mrs Rashid has been in the blues for the last several weeks.

A. Unwell
B. Lonely
C. Penniless
D. Depressed *

2785. The popularity of the yesteryear’s superstar is on the wane.

A. Growing more
B. At its peak
C. Growing less *
D. At rock-bottom

2786. His father advised him to be fair and square in his dealings least he should fall into trouble.

A. Considerate
B. Upright *
C. Careful
D. Polite

2787. Riaz achieved success by resorting to a hole and corner method.

A. Obscure
B. Usual
C. Underhand *
D. Clever

2788. He has made his mark in politics.

A. Attained notoriety
B. Ruined his wealth
C. Acquire wealth
D. Distinguised himself *

2789. Mahreen might scream blue murder , But I feel Raheela should get the promotion since she is better qualified for the job.

A. Suffer from persecution complex.
B. Try to prove herself as more suited to the job
C. Regard it as an act of partiality
D. Make a great deal of noise and object vehmently. *

2790. At Christmas, even the elderly fathers paint the town red.

A. Indulge in rioting
B. Paint the houses red
C. Spill red wine
D. Have a lively time *