3101. Iron______ to make house hold utilities in the iron Age:

A. Is generally used
B. Generally used
C. Was generally used *
D. Used generally

3102. This vacancy ________ in the newspaper had we not paid for it on time :

A. Would not have been *
B. Will not be advertised
C. Will advertised
D. None of these

3103. When I ______ in college, I used to work very hard:

A. Was admitted*
B. Were admitted
C. Being admitted
D. None of these

3104. A symbol of hope, the olympic flame burns _______ througout the games :

A. In a continuos way
B. Continuous *
C. Continously
D. Continual

3105. The more calcium one has, the more strenght _____ bones have :

A. One
B. Its
C. Their
D. One’s *

3106. Technically, sand is a mineral and :

A. Water so
B. Water is so
C. So is water *
D. So water is

3107. _______ in the cultivation of a forest, alot of care and effort goes into planting trees :

A. Because the time and area involved
B. For the time and are involving
C. Because of the time and area involved *
D. As a reason for the time and region included

3108. The first transistor was made of metal, and two pointed wire contacts were arranged side by side on one surface:

A. Are made
B. Made
C. Were made *
D. Making

3109. It is a collection of tissues, each with its own function__________ in the human body:

A. Makes up the organs *
B. That make up the organs
C. They make up the organs
D. Made up the organs

3110. Frmentable are highly specialized at survival tactics, they may live _____ twenty years:

A. Whereever *
B. Ever where
C. Ever
D. Thereever