2691. To give chapter and verse for a thing

A. To produce the proof of something *
B. To eulogize th qualities of a thing
C. To make publicity of a thing.
D. To attach artificial value to a thing

2692. To beggar’s description

A. A poor statement
B. To describe things without care
C. Beyond one’s power to describe adquately *
D. None of these

2693. To plough the sands

A. To work hard to achieve one’s aim
B. To affored hope or ground for expecting a good result
C. To busy oneself in a way which cannot lead to any profitable result *

2694. Foar in the mouth

A. Bitten by a snake
B. To reveal the secret
C. To be furious
D. To be in the extreme hatred *

2695. To take umbrage

A. To feel depressed
B. To be offended *
C. To be satisfied
D. To be pleased

2696. Something up one’s sleeve

A. A grand idea
B. A secret plan *
C. A profitable plan
D. Something important

2697. Adam’s ale

A. Grace
B. Pleasure
C. Water *
D. Wine

2698. To draw the long bow

A. To over-estimate oneself
B. To put up high demands
C. To demand a very high price
D. To make an exaggerated statement *

2699. To hit the jackpot

A. To gamble
B. To make money unexpectedly *
C. To inherit money
D. To become bankrupt

2700. To drink like a fish

A. To drink little
B. To drink alone
C. To be drunkard
D. To drink in the company of others. *