751. Modern industry abounds _____ opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications.
A. In
B. For
C. Into
D. With

752. The players agreed to abide _____ the referee’s decision.
A. With
B. By
C. In
D. Into

753. He was abstained _______ salted food by the doctor.
A. From
B. For
C. In
D. To

754. Synonyms of CAMEO
A. Funny character
B. Minor role
C. Type of Fiction
D. Sharp tool

755. Synonym of GAUNT
A. Weighty
B. Bony
C. Fatty
D. Big statement

756. Synonym of MEEK
A. Tame
B. Stingy
C. Jab
D. Frail

757. Synonym of GINGERLY
A. Cautiously
B. Retrospectively
C. Hectically
D. Carelessly

758. Synonym of SHAM
A. Fake
B. Deplorable
C. Purse
D. Robust

759. Oh there goes the front door bell – oh it’s you! I might have___________.
A. Thought
B. Believed
C. Considered
D. Guessed

760. Don’t__________ – I’ll see you very soon.
A. Concern
B. Care
C. Worry
D. Mind