Nouns Quantifiers Relationship 

3161. There are _______ casinos in Atlantic city. They are everywhere you look:

A. Lot
B. Much
C. Numerous *
D. Several

3162. There are _______ students in the class than yesterday:

A. Any
B. More
C. Much
D. Many *

3163. There are __________ deer in the zoo:

A. Many *
B. Much
C. Any
D. More

3164. There is not ________ milk in the bottle:

A. Some
B. Alot of
C. Much *
D. No

3165. I am afraid we havent got _______- milk:

A. Some
B. Any *
C. Few
D. No

3166. He usually complains that his father gives him _______ money :

A. A littel
B. Little *
C. Few
D. A few

3167. There is no need to hurry . We have got _______ of time :

A. Enough
B. Plenty *
C. Too much
D. Some more

3168. If you are ambidextrous, you can write with _________ hands :

A. Neither
B. Either *
C. Another
D. Other

3169. The olympics are ________ four years :

A. Each
B. Every *
C. Neither
D. Either

3170. ___________ property was damaged by the typhoon:

A. Many
B. Much *
C. More
D. Several