431. Antonym of INGEST is _____________?
A. Disgorge
B. Disrupt
C. Absorb
D. Devour

432. Antonym of LUCID is _____________?
A. Evident
B. Obvious
C. Explicit
D. Vague

433. Antonym of INORDINATE is _____________?
A. Dizzying
B. Wasteful
C. Wanton
D. Moderate

434. Antonym of SENILE is _____________?
A. Doting
B. Anile
C. Alert
D. Ancient

435. Antonym of GARBLED is _____________?
A. Slant
B. Unscramble
C. Obscure
D. Pervert

436. Antonym of NIGGARDLY is _____________?
A. Generous
B. Chintzy
C. Closefisted
D. Skimpy

437. Antonym of PHILISTINE is _____________?
A. Smutty
B. Uncultured
C. Uncultured
D. Cultured

438. Antonym of QUIESCENT is _____________?
A. Asleep
B. Active
C. Deactivated
D. Fallow

439. Antonym of FOREMOST is _____________?
A. Unimportant
B. Hindmost
C. Disposed
D. Mature

440. Antonym of FALLACIOUS is _____________?
A. Credit
B. Clean
C. Truthful
D. Dishonest