1481. Solipsistic

A. Selfish
B. Grecarious
C. Self-Centered *
D. Easily Convicted

1482. Soporific

A. Nexious
B. Sedative
C. Inimical *
D. Poignant.

1483. Spasmodic

A. Convulsive *
B. Uninterrupted
C. Plausible
D. Intensive

1484. Squabble

A. Dispute *
B. Dissipate
C. Protest
D. Squawk

1485. Squelch

A. To inform on
B. Give a high-pitched sound
C. Swoop down upon
D. Repress or silence *

1486. Stimulate

A. Instigate
B. Oppress
C. Disguade
D. Seduce *

1487. Stipulate

A. To elaborate
B. Fix
C. Specify *
D. Advise

1488. Straddle

A. To bring to a halt
B. Have one leg on either side of
C. Confined *
D. In a fix

1489. Stratagem

A. Arrangement
B. Scheme to deceive *
C. Layout
D. Goa

1490. Stricture

A. An order
B. Serious error *
C. Breaking away
D. Severe Criticism