811. A man who rarely speaks the truth:
A. Crook
B. Liar
C. Scoundrel
D. Hypocrite

812. A disease which spreads by contact:
A. Incurable
B. Infectious
C. Contagious
D. Fatal

813. A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life:
A. Stoic
B. Sadist
C. Psychiatrist
D. Aristocrat

814. The murder of Brother:
A. Homicide
B. Regicide
C. Fratricide
D. Suicide

815. One who cannot easily pleased:
A. Cosmopolitan
B. Frightening
C. Fastidious
D. Feminist

816. A person who loves everybody:
A. Cosmopolitan
B. Fratricide
C. Altruist
D. Aristocrat

817. One who believes in the power of fate:
A. Fatalist
B. Optimist
C. Pessimist
D. Parsimonious

818. A sad song:
A. Ditty
B. Knell
C. Dirge
D. Lay

819. Story of old time gods or heroes is:
A. Lyric
B. Epic
C. Legend
D. Romance

820. A lady’s umbrella is:
A. Parasol
B. Granary
C. Epitaph
D. Aviary