181.The hundredth anniversary of a significant event is known as ________?

A. Century
B. Elysium
C. Assassin
D. None of the above

182. One who is familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures is known as _______________?

A. Cosmpoliton
B. Unsophisticated
C. Provincial
D. All of the above

183. Government by old people is termed as ____________?

A. Monarchy
B. Gerontocracy
C. Paedocracy
D. Autocracy

184. A book giving information on all branches of knowledge is known as _______?

A. Encyclopedia
B. Cynic
C. Desperado
D. Elysium

185. A group of associated or similar things is known as _____________?

A. Constellation
B. Plainness
C. Elysium
D. None of the above

186. A person who is recovering after an illness or medical treatment is known as ____________?

B. Regressing
C. Faltering
D. Failing

187. A person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations is known as __________?

A. Celibate
B. Promiscuous
C. Immoral
D. Vile

188. Leaving one’s country and go to live in a foreign land is known as _________?

A. Emigrate
B. Eradicate
C. Immigrate
D. Extempore

189. One who looks on the dark side of the things is known as ________?

A. Optimist
B. Patricide
C. Pessimist
D. Philanthropist

190. One who looks on the bright side of things is known as ________?

A. Pessimist
B. Novice
C. Optimist
D. Credulous

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