421. Antonym of PARSIMONY is _____________?
A. Verbosity
B. Generosity
C. Clan
D. Tenderness

422. Antonym of DOLEFUL is _____________?
A. Vivacious
B. Witty
C. Empty
D. Full

423. Antonym of TACIT is _____________?
A. Punish
B. Dictated
C. Grand
D. Small

424. Antonym of MITE is _____________?
A. Bit
B. Bug
C. Insect
D. Whole

425. Antonym of NEBULOUS is _____________?
A. Misty
B. Apparent
C. Murky
D. Shadowy

426. Antonym of PRODIGAL is _____________?
A. Spendthrift
B. Squandering
C. Thrifty
D. Wanton

427. Antonym of WEAN is _____________?
A. Attach
B. Detach
C. Discourage
D. Halt

428. Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is _____________?
A. Trivial
B. Silly
C. Petty
D. Wise

429. Antonym of DUCTILE is _____________?
A. Docile
B. Pliable
C. Stiff
D. Supple

430. Antonym of DEVIANT is _____________?
A. Bent
B. Devious
C. Regular
D. Atypical