221. Antonym of GREGARIOUS is ____________?

A. Talkative
B. Lonesome
C. Cheerful
D. Boring

222. Antonym of ONEROUS is ____________?

A. Light
B. Difficult
C. Venturesome
D. Fluent

223. Antonym of HYPOCRISY____________?

A. Doubt
B. Uprightness
C. Burdensome
D. Fluent

224. Antonym of “Paucity” is____________?

A. Scarcity
B. Surplus
C. Presence
D. Shallow

225. “Inter Alia” means___________?

A. In Between
B. By the fact
C. Under concentration
D. At the end

226. The market is nearer to them than ________.

A. we
B. us
C. ours
D. ourselves

227. Early in the morning I _______ feed the cows. After I had finished that, I _______ play with the children in the village.

A. Used, could
B. Used, would
C. Could, should
D. Could, might

228. If you read the questions carefully you ______ them easily.

A. Answer
B. Will answer
C. Might answer
D. May answer

229. By the time you get this letter you _______ the tragic news.

A. Will receive
B. Will be receiving
C. Will be have received
D. Have received

230. “En-route” means_________?

A. one way direction
B. On the way
C. Long distance
D. None of these

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