241. Antonym of Accessible?

A. Inaccessible
B. Limited
C. Restricted
D. All of these

242. Antonym of Abstruse?

A. Obvious
B. Lucid
C. Plain
D. All of these

243. Antonym of Abstemious?

A. Gluttonous
B. Greedy
C. Hungry
D. All of these

244. Antonym of Absolve?

A. Execute
B. Condemn
C. Both a&b
D. Exculpate

245. Antonym of Abrogate?

A. Enact
B. Institute
C. Both a&b
D. Revoke

246. Antonym of Abjure?

A. Espouse
B. Support
C. Both a&b
D. Disavow

247. Antonym of Abject?

A. Commendable
B. Exalted
C. Excellent
D. All of above

248. Antonym of Aberrant?

A. Steadfast
B. Persistent
C. Devious
D. Both a&b

249. Antonym of Abate?

A. Enhance
B. Foster
C. Augment
D. All of above

250. Synonym of Addendum?

A. Augmentation
B. Codicil
C. Both a&b
D. Detriment