621. What was the main__________behind london bombings.
A. aim
B. motive
C. objective
D. purpose

622. There was an_________response for the marathon.
A. overwhelming
B. overriding
C. excessive
D. extreme

623. I would really ____________if you could help me out.
A. respect
B. value
C. appreciate
D. regard

624. A speed limit is the___________legal speed that you can travel on the road.
A. highest
B. biggest
C. maximum
D. longest

625. Ali must have the________to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight.
A. obstinacy
B. determination
C. decision
D. obligation

626. Although he had no ____________injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from internal bleeding.
A. outside
B. external
C. outlying
D. exterior

627. ________weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body.
A. Explosive
B. Excessive
C. Expressive
D. Extensive

628. Water is made up of two __________ , namely oxygen and hydrogen.
A. section
B. aspects
C. solutions
D. elements

629. Mr. and Mrs. Khan go for a ________ walk just before dinner.
A. vibrant
B. brisk
C. vivacious
D. slow

630. A Computer is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different ____________?
A. parts
B. objects
C. components
D. materials