1011.Guess the closest possible meanings of the given idiom from the options given below: Get your goat

A.To soothe someone
B.To irritate someone *
C.To pacify someone
D.None of these

1012.Choose the correct sentence: Why he wrote that foolish letter?

A.Why he write that foolish letter?
B.Why does he wrote this foolish letter?
C.Why he written this foolish letter?
D.Why did he write that foolish letter? *

1013.Choose the antonym of Nag

D.Soothe *

1014.Choose the correct sentence…He is a coward boy

A.He is a cowardly boy *
B.He is coward boy.
C.He has a coward boy
D.He is a cowarding boy

1015.Choose the synonym of Esoteric.

B.Private *
D.None of these

1016. Choose the correct meaning of
Make Hay while the sun shines

A.To Dance Happily
B.To Hurry
C.Make advantage of Favorable Condition *
D.TO Destroy

1017. Choose the antonym of Vacillate

C.Resolve *
D.None of these

1018.Rack and ruin is____?

D.Destruction *

1019. Choose the correct sentence. He writes better than me

A.He writes better than mine
B.He writes better than i *
C.He writes well than me
D.He writes good of i

1020. Choose one correct sentence: i have received his letter yesterday…

A.I have been received his letter yesterday
B.I received his letter yesterday *
C.I received his written letter today
D.He sent a letter to me on yesterday.