2611. To turn over a new leaf.

A. To change completely one’s course of action.
B. To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly.
C. To cover up one’s faults by wearing new marks.
D. To change the old habits and adopt new ones.

2612. A fair crack of the – Whip.

A. Severe punishment
B. A good check
C. A period of importance *
D. Failure of administration

2613. To talk one’s head off.

A. To talk loudly
B. To talk in whispers.
C. To talk to oneself
D. To talk excessively *

2614. To hold something in leash.

A. To restrain *
B. To Disappoint
C. To dismiss
D. To discourage.

2615. To play fast and loose.

A. To trust others
B. To be undependable *
C. To cheat people
D. To hurt somebody feelings

2616. To wrangle over an ass’s shadow.

A. To act in a foolish way
B. To quarrle over trifle *
C. To waste time on petty things.
D. To do something funny.

2617. All agog

A. Everybody
B. All ready
C. Restless *
D. Almighty

2618. To frame a person.

A. To befool someone.
B. To make one appear guilty *
C. To praise someone
D. A narrow escape.

2619. A close shave

A. A lucky escape.
B. A clean shave *
C. A well guarded secret
D. A narrow escape.

2620. To take with a grain of salt.

A. To take with some reservation. *
B. To take with disbelief.
C. To take wholeheartedly
D. To take seriously.