1421. Polymath

A. Mathematician
B. Great Scholar *
C. Efficient
D. Ignorant

1422. Ponderous

A. Dilapidated
B. Wary
C. Ill
D. Risky *

1423. Precipitation

A. Slow reaction
B. Humidity
C. Fall of rain *
D. Eveporation

1424. Predicament

A. licensed
B. Special right *
C. Wrong
D. Misgiving

1425. Pretense

A. Provoke
B. arrogance
C. Something Pretended *
D. Sincerity

1426. Pretext

A. Real Reason
B. Respect
C. Excuse *
D. Strenght

1427. Proclivity

A. Aversion
B. Skill
C. Inlimation
D. tendency *

1428. Profane

A. To struggle against
B. Humble
C. Treat with respect
D. Treat with disrespect *

1429. Proficient

A. Expert *
B. Efficient
C. Qualified
D. Far reaching

1430. Profuse

A. Scarce
B. Strange
C. Depressed
D. Lavish *