1541. Warrant

A. Special guard
B. written authorization *
C. national emergency
D. Small payment

1542. Whim

A. Fantasy
B. Imbition
C. Sudden Notion *
D. Sorcery

1543. Xenophobic

A. Religious fanatic
B. Extremist atheist
C. Hating religion *
D. fearful of strangers

1544. Yearn

A. To desire strongly, feel longing for *
B. To evade
C. disgust
D. To look after

1545. Yeast

A. Food for the animals
B. Food for the human beings
C. Substance used in brewing ect *
D. Food for the insects

1546. Zealous

A. Slow
B. Weary
C. Worthy
D. Enthusiastic *

1547. Zenith

A. Point on the earth
B. Point on the celestical sphere vertically aboe the observer’s head *
C. Point on the sea
D. Point on the moon

1548. Zest

A. Discourage
B. Enthusiasm *
C. Hope
D. Disappointed