111. She said to the princess, “May you live long”.

A. She prayed for the princess that she might live long.
B. She prayed for the princess that may she live long.
C. She prayed for the princess that she live long.
D. She prayed for the princess that she may live long.

112. He will be arriving quite late, so by the time he comes, the play ______ ?

A. Would have begun
B. Will begun
C. Will have begun
D. Would begun

113. The police _______ for the robber for long but they have failed to find him so far.

A. Have looked
B. Have been looking
C. Has looked
D. Has been looking

114. I’ll come to meet you at the station in my car _________ you do not have to walk to my house.

A. So that
B. In order
C. That
D. Because

115. Rubi talks a lot, doesn’t she? Yes, although there no reason for _______ ?

A. So much have talking
B. Her so much talking
C. Her talking so much
D. Talking her so much

116. A Group of birds or a flock flying together in hundreds or even in thousands is called _______ ?

A. Startling
B. Murmuration
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

117. One who lacks knowledge ________ ?

A. Intelligent
B. Ignorant
C. Credulous
D. Colleague

118. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately ?

A. Particle
B. Sibilant
C. Syllable
D. Letter

119. One who travels from place to place ?

B. Mendicant
C. Journeyman
D. Tramp

120. Antonym of Selfish is _____________?

A. Helpful
B. Altruistic
C. Egocentric
D. Acquisitive

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