791. Our plan _____ to succeed.
A. bid fair
B. pass by
C. boil down
D. hand and galore

A. Courtesy : Manners
B. Salutation : Flag
C. Protest : Resentment
D. Trial : Error

793. Complete the following sentence: No sooner did the thief see the policeman _____________.
A. he ran away
B. he had run away
C. when he ran away
D. than he ran away

794. What is synonyms of word Nightmare?
A. Story
B. Journey
C. Incubus
D. Owl

795. Pick the correct response from following sentence “In the beginning he worked honestly but later he turned __________________ to be a cheat”
A. Out
B. Up
C. For
D. In

796. As he was not prepared for making a speech , he broke ______________ in the middle.
A. of
B. off
C. in
D. into

797. Complete the following sentence: The doctor advised the patient ______________________
A. that no to neglect his health
B. to not to neglect his health
C. not to neglect his health
D. don’t neglect your health

798. I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________?
A. it is fairly good film
B. it is rather a good film
C. it is rather fairly good film
D. it is fairly rather good film

799. I enquired of him __________________________________?
A. whether if he wants to join the course
B. if he did want to join the course
C. if he wants to join the course
D. if he wanted to join the course

800. He exclaimed with shock __________________________________?
A. that it was a very tragic accident
B. that it is a tragic accident
C. that it was a tragic accident
D. it was a tragic accident