3091. I have not eaten a __________ for the past 15 hours since i have been fasting :

A. Moral
B. Morsel *
C. Action
D. None of these

3092. There has been a ____ in the population of pakistan over the past 10 years .

A. Alarming increase *
B. Bad Increase
C. Not Bad
D. None of these

3093. Every Year, sheep and goats are _______ on Eid ul Azha:

A. Cut off
B. Cut down
C. Slaughtered *
D. Surrender before

3094. My efforts to grow vegetables in my garden did not ________.

A. Bear any question
B. Not answer
C. Bear and Fruit *
D. None of these

3095. We_____ to God’s will and live a successful life following this rule :

A. Bow in submission *
B. Submission
C. Beliefs and Honor
D. None of these

3096. After I had challenged him toa grudge match, he ________ to beat me :

A. Slow down
B. Threatened *
C. Go down
D. None of these

3097. The police are meant to ______ made by the parliament :

A. Enforce the laws *
B. Enforce the night
C. Ennobles
D. None of these

3098. Galileo disproved the ancient belief that _______ with a sun and a moon rotating around it :

A. The earth was the universe’s center *
B. The earth is the centre of the universe
C. The focal point of the universe is earth
D. The universe has earth at the middle

3099. How many votes __________ in favor of Bashir has he managed to secure the project ?

A. Would have been cast *
B. Will been cast
C. has been casted
D. None of these

3100. _________ told to do my work properly ?

A. Shall I have been *
B. Shall
C. Will have been
D. None of these