2821. It was out of place for him to talk on politics when the seminar was arranged to discuss recent trends in literature.

A. Foolish *
B. Strange
C. In appropriate
D. Odd

2822. His voice gets on my nerves.

A. Makes me sad
B. Irritates me
C. Makes me ill
D. Pierces my eardrums

2823. The police are used to seeing the seamy side of life.

A. An adventurous life
B. A life full of risks
C. Immoral aspect of society *
D. Criminal society

2824. Do not add fuel to the fire.

A. Create problem
B. Harass
C. Aggravate trouble *
D. Calm down

2825. Some people have a habit of wearing their heart on their sleeve.

A. Avoiding being friendly with others.
B. Saying something which is not to be taken seriously
C. Exposing their innermost feelings to others .*
D. Wasting their time on unnecessary details.

2826. When I saw him in the morning .he looked like a duck in a thunderstorm.

A. Timid
B. Peaceful
C. Distressed *
D. Indomitable

2827. It was a herculean task for me.

A. Work requiring great effort *
B. Impossible Task
C. Easy work
D. An entirely new task

2828. In everything that he does he has an eye to the main chance.

A. He organises it well
B. He evinces interest only in a big things
C. He does not leave things to chance.
D. His object is to make money *

2829. The sight of the accident made my flesh creep.

A. Worried me
B. Frightened me *
C. Confused me
D. Drew my attention

2830. He always keep himself to himself.

A. Is selfish
B. Does not take sides
C. Is unsociable *
D. Is too busy