2761. The parliamentary inquiry into the Bofors deal has not brought to light and startling facts.

A. Proved
B. Highlighted
C. Disclosed *
D. Probed

2762. He works by fits and starts

A. Consistently
B. Irregularly *
C. In high spirits
D. Enthusiastically

2763. Sohail had to look high and low before the could find his scooter key.

A. Nowhere
B. Always
C. Everywhere *
D. Somewhere

2764. To all intents and proposes he is a good man.

A. Finally
B. Practically *
C. Above all
D. In practice

2765. I am ambitious and never want to rest on my laurels

A. Be dissatisfied
B. Be satisfied
C. Be complacent *
D. Be good

2766. The casting vote of the chairman clinched the issue.

A. Closed
B. Decided *
C. Finished
D. Started

2767. It was such a mesy affair but Rashid somehow managed to wash his hands of the entire affair.

A. Subdue
B. Twist the facts of
C. Prove himself innocent in
D. Disclaim responsibility *

2768. He threw cold water over the project that the secretary had prepared.

A. Encouraged
B. Discouraged *
C. Cleared
D. rejected

2769. He is plain, simple and sincere man. He will always call a spade a spade.

A. Say something to be taken seriously
B. Desist from making controversial statement.
C. Avoid controversial situations
D. Be outspoken in language *

2770. He is at loggerhed with his assistants about the management of the concern.

A. Differing strongly *
B. In agreement
C. In confusion
D. Undecided