931. The public were deeply sceptical ________ some of the proposals?
A. For
B. With
C. About
D. Of
E. From

932. Antonym of ” Celibate ” is _____________?
A. Chaste
B. Ascetic
C. Monastic
D. Married
E. Genius

933. The same considerations are equally applicable ______ accident claims?
A. to
B. in
C. on
D. of
E. with

934. Antonym of ” Skeptical ” is _____________?
A. Unconvinced
B. Scoffing
C. Certain
D. Reticent
E. Scapegoat

935. Synonym of ” Pledge ” is _____________?
A. Outclass
B. Vow
C. Plunder
D. Compensate
E. Atone

936. Parents expect more _____ their children?
A. with
B. of
C. from
D. to

937. I have been working here _______ ten years?
A. from
B. since
C. for
D. with

938. There is no point ____ arguing?
A. to
B. over
C. in
D. on
E. from

939. I have already _____ a new manager?
A. find
B. finded
C. founded
D. found
E. none

940. To catch a tartar means:
A. To meet with disaster
B. To catch a dangerous person
C. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
D. None of above