771. Adnan is “very different about” passing the Civil Services Examination this year.
A. Dead sure of
B. Very hopeful of
C. Lacking self confidence about
D. Reasonably certain of

772. It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel”.
A. tried to cause an accident
B. helped in the execution of the plan
C. thwarted in the execution of the plan
D. destroyed the plan

773. Plough a lonely furrow means______________________?
A. remain unaffected
B. do without the help of others
C. survive in isolation
D. remain non-aligned

774. He is “out and out” a reactionary.
A. no more
B. thoroughly
C. in favour of
D. deadly against

775. Synonym of Shelve_____________________?
A. cancel
B. discuss
C. reconsider
D. postpone

776. The decision did not appear to “hold out” bright prospects.
A. highlight
B. show
C. offer
D. promise

777. Stew in ones own juice means_________________?
A. To fight with his mind
B. To destroy his memory
C. Suffer in his own juice
D. Suffer for his own act

778. Play to the gallery means___________?
A. advertise
B. cater to the public taste
C. attempt to appeal to popular taste
D. depend upon the public for approval

779. He is using “backstairs influence” to sort out his matter.
A. Political influence
B. Backing influence
C. Deserving and proper influence
D. Secret and unfair influence

780. He was undecided. He “let the grass grow under his feet”.
A. loitered around
B. stayed out
C. sat unmoving
D. moved away