3031. When playing a stringed instrument, a bow is used to cross a set of strings, which can be made of wire or gut:

A. They produce
B. Producing
C. Are produced *
D. That are producing

3032. During a degree based on liberal arts curriculum, it is understood that graduates will ________ about english, languages,literature,history and the other social sciences :

A. Know *
B. Know how
C. Knowledge
D. Knowing

3033. According to geologists, a desert is any place which recieved less than twenty five __________ of rainfall:

A. Centimeter
B. A centimeter
C. Centimeters *
D. Of centimeters

3034. ______ fuel that is used today is derived from non renewable sources :

A. Most of
B. The Most
C. Most of the *
D. Almost the

3035. It is a scientific fact that _________ at 212 degrees F and Freezes at 32 degree F.

A. Water boiled
B. The water boils
C. Water boils *
D. Water boil

3036. By the beginning of the twentieth century, keeping firearms_______ a necessity in every home in America :

A. Became
B. Becoming
C. Has Become
D. Had Become *

3037. If you deprive humans of sleep, they __ hallucinations and anxiety :

A. Would experience *
B. Experienced
C. Would have experienced
D. Had experienced

3038. Although drug developers has hoped that the newly invented medicine _____to be cure for HIV, its applications now appear to be more limited:

A. Prove
B. Had proven
C. Would prove *
D. Will prove

3039. Solar flares are known to cause _______ enormous increase in the intensity of the sun’s gamma particle emission:

A. An *
B. A
C. Some
D. One

3040. Unemployment compensation given by the government is supposed to support an unemployed person while he is looking for __________.

A. Job *
B. A Job
C. Works
D. A Work