2661. To blaze trail

A. To set on fire
B. To be annoyed
C. To vehemently oppose
D. To iniate work in a movement. *

2662. To be lost in the cloud

A. To meet with one’s death
B. To be perplexed *
C. To be concealed from view
D. To find oneself in a very uncomfortable position.

2663. To flog a dead horse

A. To act in a foolish way
B. To waste one’ efforts *
C. To revive interest in an old subject
D. To revive old memories

2664. Hush money

A. Money overdue
B. Easy money
C. Money earned by wrong means
D. Bribe paid to secures silence *

2665. To pay one back in the same coin.

A. To provoke a person to quarrel
B. To offer another polite attention
C. To retaliate *
D. To give a word of encourage -ment or praise to another.

2666. A tall order.

A. A task difficult to perform *
B. A big problem
C. A royal summon
D. A big demand

2667. To draw a bead upon

A. To make prayers
B. To cause Hindrance in work
C. To count the benefits
D. TO take aim at *

2668. To turn the tables.

A. To defeat
B. To oppose
C. To create chaos
D. To chane the sorry scheme *

2669. To keep the ball rolling.

A. To earn more and more.
B. To work constantly
C. To keep the conversation going *
D. To make the best use of.

2670. All and sundry

A. Greater share
B. All of a sudden
C. Completion of work
D. Everyone withouth distinction *