2751. To break the ice

A. To start quarreling
B. To end the hostility
C. To start a conversation *
D. To end up partnershi

2752. To cut the crackle

A. To humiliate
B. To annoy someone
C. To act in a friendly way
D. To stop talking and start *

2753. To take somebody for a ride

A. To provide entertainment
B. To keep company
C. To deceive or humiliate him *
D. To exploit a ride

2754. To cool one’s heels

A. To rest for sometime
B. To give no importance to someone
C. To remain in a comfortable position
D. To be kept waiting for sometime *

2755. By the rule of thumb

A. By the use of force
B. By the use of trickery
C. By cheating and deception
D. By practical experience which is rather rough *

2756. A fool’s errand

A. A blunder
B. An impossible task
C. A useless undertaking *
D. None of these

2757. The boy turned a deaf ear to the pleading of all his well- wishers.

A. listened carefully
B. Was deadly opposed
C. Posed indifference
D. Did not pay any attention *

2758. The mealy-mouthed politician succeeded in influencing the voters.

A. Ill-tempered
B. Soft-tongued
C. Cunning *
D. Ambitious

2759. It is a moot point whether we should stop work or struggle on

A. All too clear
B. A fixed belief
C. A burning question
D. A debatable point *

2760. We should give a wide berth to bad characters.

A. Keep away from *
B. Publicly condemn
C. Give publicly to
D. Not sympathies with